About Us

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in our school. I have been teaching karate in the Xenia area since 1976.

Our programs are designed to progress the student through different levels of Martial Art training. Goals are established to aid in the students progress. These goals are found within our belt ranking system.

A set of requirements is given to each student. These requirements must be met in order for the student to move to the next level of training. Once the student learns the requirements, they receive a different color of belt, which signifies their level of knowledge.

We offer classes for both the Adult and Jr. student. Classes are broke down by age and experience. Although tournament competition is not required, our school has produced many Local, State, National and International Champions. If a student is interested in competing then The Doug Yates Karate School offers an excellent opportunity for them to compete at whatever level they wish to compete.

We have trained students who had difficulty with paying attention. Through patient instruction the student's attention span has improved dramatically. We have trained students who are shy and showed a lack of confidence. Again, through patient instruction and positive reinforcement these students have become more outgoing and assertive.

Our goal is to make leaders not followers. This will give the student confidence to say no to nonproductive situations.

I'd like to welcome you to The Doug Yates Karate School. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Doug Yates
Master Instructor